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19 April
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my pet!

ok, first things first... thank you to kumiko_gackt for my beautiful layout!!
also, thank you to helholden for the glorious mood theme!!
my bio...lets see...i am a chick. i live in cleveland and im not liking it much. currently, i am unemployed, which is why i have the time to dabble in this, considering my typing speed is only slightly faster than that of a tranquilized mongoloid baby. i have returned to college uncerimoniously after 12 years to get some form of a degree this time, and to avoid the necessity of asking "would you like fries with that?". i have a man that i have been with for eight freaking years. damn, were're getting old. somebody told me once that he should marry me and "make an honest woman of me."--WTF is that supposed to mean anyhow? i have four children...furkids as my mother calls them, although two of them have scales, not fur. i like to play videogames into the wee hours of the night when im alone. when im not, i like to go out with friends and dance and drink way too much. i watch too much tv. i never seem to have energy, unless something exciting is going on (how selective is that? chronic fatigue syndrome that likes to party.) i live like a bachelor (as in, the house is always a wreck) and i swear like a friar's club roastmaster. boy, i really sound like a loser. um, im not that bad...im really fun to hang with. (ok, now i sound pathetic. ill stop now before i need to seek therapy.